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You must read these Acceptable Use Guidelines, and related documents (the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use), carefully before accessing or using any of the WSP Web Sites (as hereinafter defined). By accessing or using the WSP Web Sites, you agree to be bound by these Acceptable Use Guidelines and the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, and all the terms and conditions set forth herein and therein. If you wish not to be bound by these terms you must navigate away from any of the WSP Web Sites now, and you are prohibited from accessing and using such Web sites until such time as you are willing to be so bound. If you use the WSP Web Sites in a manner inconsistent with these Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use WSP may terminate your access, block your future access and/or seek such other additional relief as WSP, in its sole and reasonable discretion, shall determine. These Acceptable Use Guidelines may be modified per the terms of Section 1 of the Terms of Use.

WSP does not monitor or screen any information provided to, or transmitted through, any of the WSP Web Sites (as that term is defined in WSP; Terms of Use). Notwithstanding the foregoing, WSP reserves the right to so monitor or screen at any time in the future. In the event WSP does begin monitoring or screening in the future, WSP expressly reserves the right to remove any of your information WSP decides, in its sole determination, fails to conform to these Acceptable Use Guidelines or otherwise violates WSP’ Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy. Therefore, in order to foster an efficient, informative and valuable resource to you and other users of the WSP Web Sites, and to avoid any harm that might result from the dissemination of false, malicious, or otherwise harmful messages, information and statements, WSP has established, and will enforce, the following Acceptable Use Guidelines to guide your behavior while using the WSP Web Sites:

  • 1. You shall always use your real name whenever your name is required for interaction with the WSP Web Sites unless anonymity is specifically permitted;
  • 2. You shall not interfere with any other users of the WSP Web Sites;
  • 3. You shall not use the functionality and capabilities of the WSP Web Sites to conduct any activity or solicit or encourage the performance by another of any illegal activity or other activity which infringes the rights of others;
  • 4. You shall not post or transmit any message which is harmful, threatening, abusive or hateful, however it is not WSP’ intent or desire to discourage you from communicating controversial ideas or policies whether popular or otherwise;
  • 5. You may not use the WSP Web Sites in any manner designed as a solicitation, whether commercial or otherwise, to other WSP Web Site users or third-parties;
  • 6. You may not use any automated software program, such as a spider or robot, to monitor or copy any information, in whole or in part, contained on the WSP Web Sites;
  • 7. You are prohibited from posting or transmitting any message, data, image or program that is or would be violative of the property rights of others, including intangible rights in intellectual property (i.e. copyrights, service marks, etc.);
  • 8. You are prohibited from posting or transmitting any message which is libelous, defamatory or which discloses private or personal matters concerning any person (yourself excluded) or other entity;
  • 9. You are prohibited from posting or transmitting any message, data, image or program which is, in WSP’ sole and reasonable discretion, indecent, obscene or pornographic; and
  • 10. You may not post or transmit any file which contains a virus, worm, “Trojan Horse,” or any other contaminating or destructive code.