Order & Catalog Import Export

Exchange Order, inventory, Invoice & Catalog data among your partners seamlessly.


Leads Information Exchange

Post and receive customer and leads information with web services.


Authenticate in multi platforms

Let your users login only once and authenticate them in multi platforms seamlessly.


Customized API Development

Create customized API to your specifications and exchange data with trading partners.


Ecommerce ERP Integration

Integrate shopping cart with your accounting system using web services.


Exchange Shipping Information

Create custom API to share your Shipping and Tracking information with customers.


Convert EDI to Web Services

Why use old technology? Step up to SOAP or REST based Web Services.


Convert Legacy

Make your web services API stateless, faster and scalable.

20+ years of business know-how combined with brilliant development skills with up-to-date technology.

Business to Business Data Exchange

B2B webservice integration
Orders Exchange- 100% Complete
Catalog Transfer - 100% Complete

Today, companies are expected to be ready to exchange data using web services. However, most miss opportunities to competition because they are not ready to do so at a sudden notice. We solve the B2B puzzle by creating the right shaped pieces for you.

Business-to-business communications often requires precise, customized tools. Whether you need to communicate with one of your business partners exchanging orders, shipping or invoice information or simply provide or retrieve information to or from your customers, vendors or any other third party web services is a secure way of providing information 24/7 to others without needing to open your network infrastructure.

We can engineer Representational State Transfer (REST) compliant or SOAP based web services and build API's customized to suit your and business partners' needs. Some samples of our work can be found here.

Through our ticketing system, we provide fast and effective support to our customers. We, normally, respond to all emergencies almost immediately and 2-3 hours SLA for non emergencies during business hours, and within 6 hours SLA for non-emergencies during off business hours. Samples of our work

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