How beneficial is ERP and e-Commerce integration

First of all, there are several important efficiencies.
Generally, inventory levels are automatically updated in two areas: at the back end, when the product is sold on your website (thus making life simpler for your in-house people), and at the front end, when the product is added to your inventory (thus making life simpler for your consumers!) 
While many eCommerce organizations rely on one-way connection or batch updates, effective eCommerce integration requires two-way, real-time data flow.


Why Should Your Business Integrate?

Are your B2B eCommerce processes driving you crazy? No worries! 

Many firms want to completely integrate both systems since it gives consumers and employees real-time access to inventory and pricing information.  Most critically, when demand grows, the requirement for more people to process transactions decreases.

Integrating your eCommerce sales channels with your ERP system allows you to manage your business more efficiently in a variety of important ways. Data about orders, inventory, items, customers, and shipping/tracking are communicated between your once-separate platforms.


What Are the Consequences of Manual Processes?

Errors are prevalent when your eCommerce and other digital ordering procedures are not automated. For example: 

– Wrong shipping addresses 

– Incorrect inventory levels

– Missing or incorrect product information 

Furthermore, without two-way integration, your entire end-to-end customer experience is at risk.  


What Are the Challenges to B2B eCommerce Integration?

Companies frequently underestimate the requirement to integrate their ERP systems with eCommerce due to the expense or business interruption caused by having to update existing systems.

It is not a simple process.

After hundreds of these for B2B clients in dozens of various industrial sectors all over the world, the expense rapidly becomes justifiable when the advantages are realized.  The benefits of connecting your eCommerce system with your ERP system are both immediate and long-term in terms of (a) your customers’ overall experience and (b) your operations. 


So, does B2B eCommerce Integration really matter?

Real-time eCommerce integration products, automatically pass data between your systems. You won’t have to manually enter data from one system to the next. While a typical web store can function without the use of an ERP system, businesses must consider how much time and money is wasted by employees on tedious tasks that can be eliminated.

Implementing a cloud platform solution for online and mobile, according to research, may boost the efficiency of the entire ordering process by up to 25 times!

B2B eCommerce and digital ordering are up to 25 times faster than manual order processing.


And it’s not just about speed!

This creates a virtuous circle in which every aspect of your company benefits.

Better customer satisfaction leads to increased customer loyalty, which leads to increased order size and having more time for your staff to focus on the things that really matter rather than manual data entry and processing.

Many companies have trouble when they enter the data manually, update product information, and then uploading it to their online store. You may oversell if you enter data manually.


Main advantages of eCommerce ERP Integration

It reduces manual entry to save time and boost productivity while decreasing errors while entering an order, inventory, item, customer, and shipping data. 

Streamlines inventory synchronization, track updates and provide customers with exact inventory levels without recruiting additional employees to perform these operations.

When customers have delivered their purchases, they are instantly notified and are able to track product delivery.

Makes it easier to handle inventory changes in pricing and product.

Gives the flexibility of adding numerous on-line and offline sales channels without affecting operational efficiency.

Increased demand for online orders may be met without adding additional staff!



If you want to be successful online and keep up with the high demand for digital ordering features, your eCommerce plan should incorporate integration with your ERP, account, and inventory software. 

Understanding the benefits of eCommerce ERP integration is simple, but implementing integration is difficult. 

Web Services Pros offers the complexity required for ERP integration, allowing you to effortlessly account for new orders and fulfill them, regardless of when or where they are placed.

This solution also allows you to give customers real-time access to their account information, allowing you to increase efficiency by allowing customers to self-serve.

Customers can monitor their account information without having to contact you personally since they can access their accounts online 24/7. They can access information about their order history, invoices, real-time price, and real-time stock availability online.

Would you want to learn more about how bidirectional ERP and eCommerce integration will help your company?

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