PromoLink Integration

Through our PromoLink platform, we thrive on providing solutions that innovate the Promotional Industry.
PromoLink Integrations offers cutting-edge methods of communicating with your clients, suppliers, distributors, and decorators for increased efficiency and cost savings.

PromoLink Integration



Connect your internal data to PromoStandards. Collect data from multiple sources and convert it into PromoStandards to share with your clients. Link any of your internal data to PromoStandards easily, whether you’re a distributor or a supplier.

PromoLink Integrations

ERP & Accounting Integrations

Integrating ERP and Accounting platforms is crucial for creating a fully digitized sales environment. It helps enhance services, utilize data, and improve customer satisfaction by efficiently managing bookkeeping, customer data, order management, and other tasks.

PromoLink enables businesses to connect their operations with QuickBooks Online, simplifying business finances. This integration allows businesses to manage accounting, income, expenses, and payroll with ease.

PromoLink integrates QuickBooks Desktop with your business’ backend platform, allowing for the management of financial and tax responsibilities. The integration streamlines processes like data synchronization, invoicing, and payment processing, leading to reducing manual labor and errors while saving time and money.

Oracle Netsuite Integration

Use PromoLink’s advanced API technology to connect to one of the most comprehensive business management solutions. Keep track of inventories, monitor finances, host e-commerce stores, and maintain CRMs using Oracle Netsuite.

PromoLink simplifies ShopWorks integration, benefiting screen printing, embroidery, digital printing, and promotional product decorators. Connecting ShopWorks to PromoStandards, Suppliers & Distributors, eCommerce sites, shipping applications, EDIs, CRM platforms, and order management solutions is easier than ever with PromoLink.

TaxJar Integration

Integrating with TaxJar via PromoLink ensures automated tax compliance and increased efficiency. Stay compliant with your tariff code while reducing customs delays and saving time.

Service Provider Integrations

Effortless and streamlined integration with your Service Providers regardless of the ERP system in use. By leveraging PromoLink, you can ensure that your customers have access to the most up-to-date products and inventory levels information in a timely manner, giving you a competitive advantage in the promo industry.

Shipping Platform


PromoLink provides unmatched benefits by streamlining and automating fulfillment processes compared to regular carrier software. The integration allows businesses to create branded tracking pages, set automation rules, receive tracking email notifications, and get discounted carrier rates while saving you time and money.

ShipStation ShopWokrs Integration
ShippingEasy Integration
UPS integration
FedEx Integration
USPS integration

Supplier Integrations

PromoLink’s supplier integration streamlines the process of connecting with suppliers intelligently, providing businesses with easy access to real-time inventory, product, and pricing information. By leveraging API technology, businesses can quickly track purchases, retrieve catalogs, and obtain the latest fulfillment information with ease. This integration allows businesses to save time and improve efficiency by automating the process of finding and sending information about their suppliers’ inventory levels and available products. 

PromoLink Integrations

SanMar Integration
Cutter & Buck Integration
alphabroder integration
S&S activewear Integration
Hit Promo Integration
Capamerica Integration
vantage apparel Integration
Evans Integration
ProTowels Integration
PCNA Integration
Magnet Apparel Integration
Delta Apparel

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Simplifying inventory coordination and providing consistent order updates to customers are key benefits of integrating e-commerce stores through PromoLink. It eliminates errors, improves customer service, and boosts business performance. With PromoLink integration, you can easily coordinate inventory and provide customers with real-time order updates, eliminating the need for additional manpower or extra time investment.

BigCommerce eCommerce Integration
BrightStores Integration
Facilisgroup Integration
powerweave integration
ewizcommerce integration
InkSoft Integration
OMG integration
Magento Integration
EDI Integration



PromoLink offers customized EDI solutions that allow businesses to communicate with EDI-enabled vendors. As some large suppliers and distributors only accept EDI, this integration is crucial to stay competitive. Regardless of a business’s internal technology and resources, PromoLink can quickly and easily connect your business to EDI, enabling you to start processing orders and stay ahead of the competition.

Other Integrations

PromoLink Integrations



PromoLink offers integration with PayJunction to reduce errors in payment processing and allow businesses to accept payments from various sources, including all major credit cards and payment methods.



Integration with Hubspot can help you Identify new leads and personalize the user experience for your business. Generate high-quality leads, build long-term client connections, and build opportunities at every stage of your promo business funnel.

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