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PromoLink Portal

PromoLink Portal is an extension of PromoLink Cloud API and allows users to manage the integration parameters under one roof.  It comes with optional modules such as an Order Portal, Order Import-Module, PDF to Order Converter, Product and Pricing Manager, Suppliers Product and Inventory Search Index, and more.

Order Portal

The portal is used as an order entry and processing point, storing all historical data and integrating with

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In addition, it can be linked with suppliers so that it can pull:



Pricing data

for use in the Order portal, as well as show available suppliers and own inventories while you order. This makes the ordering and purchasing process faster and error-free.

As a result, labor and time costs are reduced.  Rather than using multiple portals, PromoLink acts as a central hub from which data is automatically sent to the right channel to speed up order processing. This combines all sources on a single platform.

PROMOLINK portal - supplier search index

Supplier Search Index

Due to global supply and chain issues, locating available inventory and products has become a significant challenge that takes up a substantial portion of the day.

Supplier Search Index is an optional module that: 

Simplifies this task by providing a centralized search location for all of your suppliers and products

Imports supplier data on a daily basis and makes it available to both your internal team and your customers when they place orders by saving time when searching.

Catalog Manager

This additional feature allows the portal’s administrator to manage and markup suppliers’ products and inventory data that is integrated via PromoStandards for use in the Order portal and eCommerce platforms. 

The platform comes with features:

To set up your own markup percentages per product and category

Freeze prices

Manipulate inventory figures


Ready to enjoy PromoLink Portal and its features?


promolink order portal_user manager

User Manager 

  • Manage customer and admin access
  • High-level password security
  • Invite users via email
catalog manager

 Catalog Manager 

  • Manage sales pricing and markup 
  • Set up thresholds to display inventory levels
  • Set up categories and product to include and exclude
order manager

Order Manager

  • Enable your team and your customers to enter orders on a web form designed for you
  • Import CSV, Excel, and PDF orders 
  • Clone completed orders
  • Automatically transfer orders to ShopWorks or a platform of your choice 
  • Display orders status and shipping tracking data
  • Clerk/Manager approval of orders
search index manager

Search Index Manager

  • Daily pull live inventory levels from Supplier like Sanmar, Broader, S&S, Hit Promo automatically
  • Enable your team and your customers to search items, inventory and pricing from multiple suppliers at once

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