Integrating with ShopWorks has never been easier

Integrating with ShopWorks has never been easier

ShopWorks Integration

ShopWorks integration

ShopWorks integration

shopworks and webservicespros
The unique alliance between Web Services Pros and ShopWorks provides nearly limitless opportunities for the industry to increase its operational efficiency. Now with the use of PromoLink, connecting ShopWorks to PromoStandards, Suppliers and Distributors, eCommerce sites, shipping software, EDIs, CRM platforms, and order management solutions has never been easier.

ShopWorks Business Software

has been assisting over 1100 of the decorative products industry's most successful enterprises for over 20 years. Screen printing and embroidery companies, digital printers, product decorators, and promotional product distributors will all benefit from their OnSite products.
Watch this 3-minute video to see how OnSite can change your shop. ​

shopworks integration

Why Integrate and Automate?

labor cost

Cut labor Costs

reduce human errors

Reduce human errors

streamline processes

Streamline processes

boost efficiency

Boost efficiency

increase sales

Increase sales

Seamlessly Integrate

Automatically Pull and Push

ShopWorks Products

Shopworks ProofStuff

ProofStuff makes online proofing easy. Automate the proofing process: Create, send, and approve art proofs, invoices, and virtually any other documents online. Email reminders, automated notifications and history tracking make the approval process easy for your customers and easy for you.

ShopWorks OnSite

OnSite business management software is designed specifically for screen printers, embroidery companies, digital printers, and other decorated apparel and promotional product companies. It’s an all-in-one software solution to manage every aspect of your business, so it runs smoothly.

ShopWorks ManageOrders

Manage Orders self-service customer order management software complements your OnSite business management software by providing your customers with a self-service web portal to manage their orders.

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