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Candidates consider company culture to be one of the most important factors when it comes to career opportunities, and they can spot a bad company culture from a mile away because it is the backbone of any company, good or bad.

What is Company Culture?

Company culture is the manner in which you conduct yourself at work. It is a set of attitudes, values, beliefs, goals, and other characteristics that a company or organization conforms to in order to create a satisfying workplace.

Honestly speaking, a company’s culture speak volumes about it day-to-day interactions of team members and its influences on how team members behave.

Why is remote company culture important today?

We’ve heard for some time that remote work and consequently remote jobs are the future trend. Organizations have gone completely or partially remote as a result of the global pandemic. This has made it possible for people to work from various offices, cafes, home offices, and other locations.

Employees who suffer from loneliness may struggle with remote work, but a stable and strong remote work culture can provide employees with a sense of unity and belonging.

In addition, from an employee’s perspective, they are making new decisions about where to live and establishing new expectations regarding flexibility, working conditions, and their own work-life balances. Remote working gives better life balance and freedom for employees,  it makes businesses more competitive and increases productivity. 

At Web Services Pros, we believe that virtual work is here to stay and that employees do not need to be in the same location to produce their best work together, and we live this truth every day with our internationally distributed teams.

Remote work has increased flexibility and autonomy for employees, as well as increased employee productivity and cost savings for businesses.

Companies must implement effective and efficient work-from-home procedures to help employees optimize their remote practices and establish a strong remote company culture in order for these numbers to increase further.

3 steps to a great remote company culture

1. Communication 

Communication is the key to making sure remote workers don’t feel isolated.

Regular video conferencing with your remote teams can help them understand each other and how to continue working toward the organizational goals.

At Web Services Pros, we take pride in having effective communication with our teams, which allows us to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and distribute responsibility for our employees while also being ready to assist anyone who may have a challenge or whatever. Even though we walk on a virtual floor and are not physically working together in an office, we are more productive and innovative.

2. Community

A sense of community is the glue that holds the team together to work on something greater than themselves.

Having a sense of community and feeling appreciated at work motivates an employee to love their job more and go above and beyond to help the company because they know and believe they play an important role in the company and their efforts are not underestimated.

Build a virtual community: If you take into account how your employees should feel to help them perform well, as they are all social beings that need care and attention to function, this can all be done virtually, the ability to build a virtual community in your workplace will contribute greatly.

3. Values

Values serve as guideposts for employees on how to get to where the company is going; its vision.

Identifying the company’s core values and making sure the team knows and understand it very well. Ultimately, values only work when leaders live and demonstrate them.

One of the best decisions we’ve made at Web Services Pros

Building a great corporate culture has benefits for your company. A remote workforce can create a strong positive culture that fosters teamwork, productivity, and innovation with big intentions and a lot of hard work.

Our remote team is made up of people from more than eight cities in four countries. While the advantages of a remote culture are numerous, success necessitates a radical commitment from your team’s leadership.

We believe that remote employees can be as productive, engaged, creative, and collaborative as in-office employees. It necessitates some planning, the use of new technologies, and a great deal of communication.

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