Why PromoStandards? Why PromoLink?

Why PromoStandards?

PromoStandards was born out of a demand for standardized electronic communication between distributors and suppliers. Standardization prevents the need to reinvent the wheel each time communication is required.

However, PromoStandards is merely a language or template for structuring data in order to facilitate communication faster and easier. Suppliers and distributors must still construct endpoints where their version of the data is ready to be shared or exchanged.

Their version of the data from their ERP systems, databases, or wherever they keep such data, such as their product catalog, pricing, inventory levels, catalog pictures, invoices, and orders, must be read and converted into the PromoStandards data format before being placed on an endpoint for other PromoStandards enabled Suppliers and Distributors to consume from their respective endpoints.

PromoStandards has standardized the transfer of the most vital information to move transactions forward, including:

  • Inventory (Price and Availability)
  • Order Status
  • Ship Notices
  • Media
  • Product Data
  • Product Configuration
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices

The challenge for Suppliers and Distributors is figuring out how to convert their internal data to PromoStandards and put it on endpoints where it can be communicated with their counterparts.

Why PromoLink?


This is where Suppliers and Distributors can connect their internal data to PromoStandards.

PromoLink enables them to read their current data from multiple sources and convert them into the PromoStandards format to share with the outside world.  On the flip side, the PromoStandards data coming from outside is then converted back into the format their own platform can accept and consume.

PromoLink enables Suppliers and Distributors to adapt to PromoStandards, have endpoints that they can announce to their customers, accept and share data bilaterally in an electronic format that automatically communicates with their internal platforms.

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