Many things changed in the business world after Covid 19. Companies that initially faced difficulties and made adjustments must now decide how to adapt to this new world.  

The Digital Revolution is not a secret, and every business must reassess its position and devise a strategy for quickly adapting to it

The promotional products industry is no exception to this rule, and it has faced its fair share of difficulties in the last year or so. As more SUPPLIERS, DISTRIBUTORS, and DECORATORS use this as a new starting point to participate in the Digital Revolution, they discover new ways to attract new customers, engage with existing customers in new ways, increase revenue, and reduce costs.


As automation and integration experts, we have received an overwhelming number of requests from industry players on how to restructure their processes in order to solve Pre-Covid inefficiencies and digitally interact with customers and vendors.

Many had to figure out 

  • how to compensate for a loss of staff by leveraging automation 
  • what to do to make their constantly changing product and inventory levels visible to their customers in near real-time, 
  • how to tweak their business processes so that ultimately they provide a better shopping experience for customers,
  • how to automate their inbound and outbound orders 

all while avoiding the mistakes made prior to the Covid era.

This inevitable shift is here to stay; B2C prefers to buy online and expects a better user experience than ever before, whereas B2B must become more efficient in order to compete and expand its horizons to all angles, including customers, suppliers, distributors, and consumers.

This necessitates letting go of old ways of thinking and preparing for the exciting new era of digital business.

Be Ready, Be Agile, Stand Out!

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